NO IELTS, NO AGE LIMIT, NO BUSINESS HISTORY, NO HUGE AMOUNTS IN THE BANK, NO HIGH QUALIFICATIONS are required to qualify for this program. The applicant gets the visas for the whole family and is allowed to do any job or work in the state he has invested 550,000US$. This amount remains invested for 5 years in any development program in one of many states in USA. The details are mentioned in the file sent separately.



The applicant signs the service contract with us, pays the first installment of the service charges and Government fees (25000US$). We advise the documents we need to file with the application for approval by the state in USA. The application is filed by our attorneys in USA.


We get the approval from the concerned state and the applicant pays the second installment of the service fee (10,000US$). The applicant submits his passport/s in the Embassy for the visas.

Processing time & Fees payable

The average processing time is 3-6 months.

The fees payable are mentioned above and in the file sent separately. The Government fees are non-refundable and the service charges are refundable in case the application is denied for the reasons outlined in the service contract.



EB-5 Program

  • The U.S. EB-5 program has expanded - significantly - There are now more than 75+ "Regional Center" programs. Some are very good. The initial investment is $500,000 + approximately $20K-$50K in administrative fees. These are fees paid to the regional center program. Attorney fees are approximately $35,000 + government filing fees, translation fees, and accounting fees.

  • Each regional center program is different, and the length of time that the investment must stay with the program varies. On average, the investor should be willing to invest for a period of 5 years. The rate of return on the investment varies with each program - it may be 0%, or it may be much higher. By law, there can be no guaranteed rate of return. The investor must place his funds "at risk" - which means a regional center cannot guarantee the investment will be returned or a specific rate of return will be provided to the investor. This is set by law. However, thousands of individuals use the EB-5 program and there are many solid programs out there, in many different states (including California, Florida, New York, etc).

  • Timing on the application varies - average time is 5-6 months after the time of filing for approval.

  • The investor receives all of the benefits that a lawful permanent resident would receive.

  • The applicant will need to sign up with us to initiate the processing. An amount of $US 25000 is payable pfront; the government’s fees would be paid by the applicant according to the state regulations. The rest of the fee would be paid upon approval in principal.

  • No IELTS or any other requirement.

  • Visa for all the family members.

  • Creed card in 3 years.

  • Do any job or business you like.

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