• Intakes: (Nov. & Dec. and April)

    Admission requirements:
    1.     Education documents copy. (Scanned)
    2.     Copy of Passport. (Scanned)
    3.     Identity card copy. (Scanned)
    4.     Minimum qualification: HSSC

    Visa files requirements:

    1.     3 attested copies from IBCC and HEC with foreign affair attestation.
    2.     Two reference letter from last institution.
    3.     Purpose Statement.
    4.     CV(Resume)
    5.     Translation of documents in Italian language.

    After visa approval requirements:

    1. Bank statement showing 8 lacs in the applicant’s own bank account for at least 30 days after the pre- visa approval till the visa is granted.
    2.  Original passport.
    3. Health insurance. (To be arranged by the applicant- We can arrange this as well for the applicant if required and cost around 10,000Rs).

    Initial payment 700 Euros that includes
           Admission registration fee:
           Embassy charges:
           FedEx charges.
           Translation charges.

    Note: This fee is refundable if the admission in not granted and non-refundable if the visa is denied. 
    Service Fee: Upon filing the visa application: 200 Euros.
    After visa endorsement 2500 Euro`s will be received from client on account of the visa approval fee.
    Note: Exceptional students will be awarded with scholarships that equal to 700 Euro`s per month.   
    Processing time:  2-3 months.
    Courses: Various courses available.


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