Applicants can qualify for Denmark LIVE & WORK ABROAD Program under Green Card Scheme. IELTS is NOT a mandatory requirement but the applicant needs to show the funds of around 2.3 Million/PKR (subject to change) in the account to be filed with the application. (This amount varies according to the number of people in the family migrating with the main applicant). The minimum qualification required is 4-Years Bachelors and a Master’s degree from HEC recognized institute. Most occupations like, IT Professionals, Business Managers, Accountants, Engineers, Lecturers, Doctors etc. are eligible to apply. The applicant needs to send us the CV for us to assess if he/she qualifies.



The applicant needs to send us the CV and if found eligible he/she will need to sign up the service contract, pay the first installment of the service fee for us to release the list of the documents. The applicant submits the documents required and pays the application fee online. We pass on the completed application to the applicant that he/she will take to the Danish Embassy to be filed in person as per the requirement of the Embassy. The service charges are refundable in case the application is not approved for the reasons outlined in the service contract.


The applicant will need to pay the second installment of the service fee upon submission of the application.

Processing time & Fees payable

The visa application fee is 870 Euros (subject to change). The application fee is non-refundable whereas the service is refundable if the application is refused for the reasons outlined in the service contract.

The average processing time is around 6-9 months.

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