Australia is seeking skilled workers from around the world to contribute towards the economy. The Australian economy is helped enormously by the immigrant’s contribution by filling out the shortages in the skills/labor market. With the track record of hundreds of applicants already living in Australia, we are successfully processing applications for Australian LIVE & WORK under subclass-189 (Skilled Independent), subclass-190 (State Sponsored) and subclass-489 (Provisional-State or eligible relative sponsored). There are a huge number of occupations still in demand in Australia under various categories. The applicant needs to submit the CV for us to assess his/her eligibility and if found eligible the applicant will receive the service contract with fee schedule and terms details. The applicant needs to sign up the service contract with us and we initiate the processing of the application beginning with the Skill Assessment from the relevant Skill Assessing Authority in Australia. After which we file the expression of interest (EOI) application as soon as the Skill Assessment application is approved. The minimum score required to qualify for Australia LIVE & WORK currently is 60. (Subject to change). Every applicant needs a minimum score of 6 in IELTS in all four components (General Training) to be eligible to file EOI. Higher scores required for various occupations and according to the requirements by various states/to score enough points to qualify. Professionals like, Accountants, Engineers, Health Professionals, IT Professionals, Nurses, Sales and Marketing professionals etc. AND trades persons like Automotive Electricians, Motor Mechanics, Plumbers, A.C/Refrigeration Mechanics or Electricians (General), Hairdressers, Beauticians, etc. can apply. The applicant can work in any occupation and doesn’t need to work in the occupation that his application was approved under. There is NO personal interview in 99% of the cases and the applications are approved on the documents/information submitted in various departments including DIBP (Department of Immigration & Border Protection).


Stage-1: Skill assessment.

This is the first stage when we file your application for skill assessment approval from the relevant skill assessing authority in Australia. For us to initiate the work on this application, the applicant needs to sign the service contract, deposit the first installment of the service fee and the skill assessment authority fee. The service fee is refundable in case the application is denied due to the reasons outlined in the service contract. We will advise the list of the documents required for this application only after the applicant is assessed as eligible and the fees have been paid.

Stage-2: Expression of Interest (EOI) and/or State Sponsorship (If required).

After the skill assessment application is approved, we will file the application for Expression of Interest (EOI) &/or state sponsorship. We will advise the documents required to be filed with these applications according to the individual profile/application. At this stage the applicant needs to pay the second installment of the service fee and the state sponsorship application fee. We will process both the applications for state sponsorship and EOI in one service fee payable at this stage. The service fee is refundable in case the state sponsorship/EOI application is denied due to the reasons mentioned in the service contract. The service fee payable is for the whole family. DIBP visa application fee for the main applicant is 3520AUD$, 1760 AUD$ for the spouse and 880 AUD$ for each dependent child under the age of 18 included in the application and these fees are payable by the applicant separately apart from the service fees. (Subject to change). The spouse and any dependent child who turned 18 at the time of application also need to do the IELTS with a minimum score of 4 (overall) to avoid paying AUD$ 4885 each, for the English language course. The visa application fees are only payable upon receiving the INVITATION TO APPLY for the VISA which confirms that the application has been approved in principal.

Stage-3: Approval.

After the EOI and State Sponsorship applications are successful, the applicant will receive the INVITATION to file the visa application. Before visa application is filed, the applicant will need to go through the Medical Tests for the whole family and provide the Police Clearance Certificates for all the applicants age 18 and over included in the application. The applicant pays the third and the final installment of the service fee at this stage.

Processing time

The visa applications under subclass 189/190/489 are normally processed within 3-10 months. The higher are the IELTS scores, the qualifications and the demand in Australia, the sooner the applicant will receive the invitation to file the visa application.

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