We work in liaison with UK Solicitor Firms to process our UK Immigration application from within and outside the UK. All applications under Tier-1, 2, 4 and 5 of the Points Based System and Non-Points Based System are processed by the solicitor firms in the UK. Applicant can apply to come to UK under the following programs.

Tier-1 (Entrepreneur)
Applicants from outside the UK, who have 200,000 GBP in the bank (Single/ joint account or in a 3rd party account) to invest in a new or existing business in UK, IELTS score of 4.0 o in each component or CEFR Level B-1 in any of the approved tests, can qualify for this program. They must show their business background and prove how they would be able to successfully run the business in the UK. For such purpose, the applicant needs a viable business plan with current market research/surveys and up to date information regarding the business and the competitors in the market. We provide all these services to our applicants.

Tier-1 (Investor)

People who can show they have 1 Million GBP to invest in UK can qualify to immigrate under Tier-1 (Investor) of the Point Based System.

Tier-4 (General Student).

You will need an IELTS Score of 5.0 to apply for admission. We have Universities and Highly Trusted/Government Funded Colleges on our panel all over the UK. Send your CV and the inquiry by email for the details.



The applicant sends us the CV for evaluation and if found eligible we will advise to sign up and pay the service fee to process the documentation. Once the documentation is complete, we will help the applicant file the application online; the applicant pays the visa application fee online and then submits the original documents and biometrics at VAC in his/her particular city/country.


The application is filed and the applicant may be called for the interview. We will assist the applicant prepare for the interview and advise the possible questions to be asked during the interview. If the interview is successful and all the documentation is found correct, the application will be approved.

Processing time

The processing time is around 15-30 days in Pakistan.

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