UK Immigration applications.

We are working in affiliation with a solicitor firm in UK for our UK Immigration application under the following categories.
·         Tier-1 General (Extension)
·         ILR
·         Citizenship
·         Tier-2 General. (Skilled Worker Category)
·         Tier-2 Temporary Worker
·         Tier-2 (Minister of Religion & Sportsperson)
·         Tier-2 (Intra-company transfer)
·         Switching to another Tier.
·         Tier-4. Adult student. Child student. Student visitor.
·         Tier-4 .Extension.
·         Tier-5. Creative and sporting. Charity worker. Religious Worker .Government authorized exchange. International agreement.

Asylum applications.

·         Asylum applications.
·         Reuniting asylum seekers with the families

Other Categories.
·         Domestic Workers
·         Sole Representatives of Overseas Firms
·         Representatives of overseas newspapers, news agencies and broadcasting organizations
·         Spouse settlement applications.
·         Family and general visit visa applications.
·         Child visitor
·         Private medical treatment

Partner & other family member’s applications.

·         Marriage and civil partnership
·         Children
·         Elderly dependent relatives
·         Marriage and civil partnership

Settling in the UK.
·         Partners and family members.
·         Working in the UK.
·         Asylum.
·         Extension of the temporary stay in UK.
·          Returning residents)
·         ILR
·         Citizenship.
·         Naturalization

EEA & Switzerland Citizens.

·         Worker Registration Scheme
·         Bulgarian and Romanian nationals
·         Posted Worker